Monday, September 3, 2012

Polka Dot Cake!

Is anyone else as excited as me to know polka dots are possible inside cake?! I was thrilled to learn this little trick! And its so easy you wont even believe it! I did Halloween colors because I was kind of doing this as a test cake i'm making next month, but you can obviously choose any colors you'd like!

Cake  pop pan
Vanilla Cake Mix
Chocolate Cake Mix
Food Coloring
(Use any desired cake mix, but that's what I used!)

(This is the cake pop pan I use! Its sold at Walmart for $20!)

Step 1
Mix your white cake mix. You will use this for the cake pops so you actually use a little bit different ingredients. (the cake pop pan comes with instructions on this!)  Whatever the mix calls for with eggs, add 1 more. And instead of water, substitute it for milk (but use 1/2 the amount.) Example. 1 cup water = 1/2 cup milk. You can also add a package of pudding (I didn't) for denseness.

Once you've mixed your batter, color it! I separated mine into two bowls because I wanted two different color cake balls!

Step 2
Next, you'll spray the cake pop pan with cooking spray, then pour your batter into the pan!

(Fill it up until its level!You'd rather they over flow a little then to not have enough because it wouldn't make a ball!)

Step 3
Put the top on and cook your cake pops! The instructions say to cook for around 20-25 minutes. Mine were finished in 13! So maybe set your timer for 13 just to be safe! Once they've finished cooking, they might look something like this. No worries, those little volcano eruptions come off easily! Just peel them off before you open your pan!

(These are the leftovers!)

Some of mine had little bumps on them that looked like nipples! Just slowly peel those off as well!

Step 4
Now you'll make your cake batter! I did a devils food cake mix and added black food coloring! 

Step 5
Here comes the magic! After your cake balls have cooled to room temperature, you will (1st spray your cake pan thoroughly) add a little batter to the bottom of your pan so you can start sticking balls into it. I also cut some in half, added batter to the back and stuck them along the sides of the pan

(like so!)

After all your cake balls are in place, load on the cake batter! You want to make sure its still only 3/4 the way full of cake batter because you don't want major spillage! Cook for the instructed amount of time!

Step 6
Once you've poked your cake about a million times all over to check if its cooked everywhere, pull out your cake and let it cool! I flipped mine over to get a nice flat top because the actual top was really bumpy! (Maybe you can tell in this picture, the bottom looks scary!)
Once its cooled, frost it!!

(My husbands great idea to make it a pumpkin ;)

Step 7
Cut into it and surprise all your guests with how creative you are! They will think
you're a genius!

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