Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 4: DIY Fall Mesh Wreath

I am so in love with mesh wreaths and I have one for Christmas but not for fall, so I was really excited to make this today!
It literally took me 20 minutes start to finish. (and that's including painting the H!)

Wreath: $5.68 @ Hobby Lobby

Brown Deco Mesh: $5.30 @ Hobby Lobby
Gold Deco Mesh: $3.20 @ Hobby Lobby
3 Pumpkins: $1.70 @ Hobby Lobby
4 Decorative Twigs: $3.18 @ Hobby Lobby
Letter "H": $3.49 @ Hobby Lobby
Fall Leaves: $0.99 @ Hobby Lobby
TOTAL: 23.63

(You're going to start on the inner part of the wreath. Start by bunching your huge piece of deco mesh up and twist two branches around it to secure it in place. This is how you do the entire wreath.)

(Gather about 9-10 inches in length of your deco mesh, poof it out and then bunch the end again to twist two branches around. 

(Repeat this until the entire inner wreath is full.)

(This is what it should look like with the inner part finished.

(Start on the outside now. This picture is the entire outside complete!)

(If you have a second deco mesh color, this is where you will add it in.
I just fill in any empty spaces. There's no real order I go in!
Once you have completed this step, fill in your wreath with other desired decorations! Fall leaves, pumpkins, The first letter of your last name or anything else that looks fun to stick in there! The more the merrier! I should have taken a picture of this step but to get the brown sparkly twigs and pumpkins to stick in there, I just bent their stick in half to make a loop and then twisted a branch around it! The H is being held on there by twisting a few branches around the bottom part where you can't see!)

Here's the finished look again! By the way, this wreath is HUGE. I got just a regular sized garland wreath but adding all that deco mesh really makes it quite large!

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