Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 7: Halloween Pretzel Ideas

MmMm aren't chocolate covered pretzels about the yummiest things ever?! I have found a few different ideas to show you cute ways you can decorate them for Halloween! (These pictures aren't mine, I had zero time today so I had to borrow some!)


This one is probably one of my favorite ways! The easiest way to do it is dip it with your fingers. Once finshed dipping, lay them on wax paper and stick a green m&m at the top center to get your stem! Another cute idea is to stick a brown m&m for a stem and pipe green frosting for some leaves!


This was really cute and simple idea! No "chocolate dipping" required! Stick a small pretzel stick into a Reeces Peanut butter cup and get yourself a "Witches Broom!"


This is easy and also requires absolutely no skill! Dip your pretzels in the chocolate, lay them on wax paper and sprinkle them with your favorite Halloween sprinkles!


This one looks a bit more time consuming. Holding the bottom half of your large pretzel and using a #2 frosting tip, pipe frosting all over the top of your pretzel leaving some space for two red eyes!

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