Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 5: Pumpkin Rice Krispies!

Rice Krispies are probably the easiest thing to make and one of the yummiest treats to eat! So turning them into little pumpkins was no hard task! I do have a certain way I always make my Rice Krispies and that's in the microwave! My mom had always made them on the stove and she over heard a lady at the store telling someone that when you cook the marshmallows/butter in the microwave, they stay soft and gooey forever! So she came home and tried it and its true!! If you want yours to stay fresh longer, cook them in the microwave!

(Every 30 seconds or so stir your mallows, I spray my spoon with pam! It doesn't stick as much!)

(Add in your food coloring once its completely melted!)

(Stir in the Rice Krispies!)

(Roll them into balls! This is no easy task and your going to get the stickiest fingers ever but make sure to lather your hands in butter, or else this will be impossible to do! I re-butter my hands every two balls!)

(Next you'll poke a little hole in the top of all your balls with your finger. Cut Tootsie Rolls in half a shove them in there!)

(To get the leaves, I piped green frosting using a #2 tip and #97 tip!)

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