Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 1: DIY Boo Jars!

This marks the first day of the "30 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN" I'm going to be doing! I know its September still, but I hate when I see a cute holiday idea and I don't have enough time to plan and make it! I will be posting different ideas from crafts, decorations to baking and party ideas! Hope you enjoy!!

I LOVE these Halloween jars so much and they really are the easiest things to make! I made these before I had a blog so I didn't think to do step by step pictures, but I hope my explaining will work just fine!

-3 wooden candle sticks
(all the same height or variety, up to you. If you do all the same height, you will need 4 bases because the center one you will use two like mine!)
-3(or 4) wooden bases
-3 jars
-3 knobs for the top of jars
-Letters "b" "o" "o"
-Holiday ribbon
-Orange and black craft paint (I used a deep orange)
-Hot glue!
( I got all of my supply at Hobby Lobby)

(these candlesticks were different height so they didn't need 4 bases)

Step 1:
-The first thing I did was paint all the wooden pieces orange (including the letters). Do at least 2 coats to get it fully covered!
-After its dried, get your sponge brush and dab it into the black paint. Dab your sponge brush on a paper towel until theres hardly any paint on it. Then brush it on your orange pieces, giving it a little bit of a rough look!

Step 2:
-Next you'll paint your jar lids black. This also needs a few coats. 
(It doesn't cover like it does on wood so be prepared!)
-Once the lids are dry, do the same rough look but using orange instead!

Step 3:
-Now that all the pieces are completely dried, you'll start glueing! Glue your candlesticks onto the center of the round bases.

-Next, you'll tip your jars upside down and glue the candlesticks on the center of the bottom of the jars.
-Then you'll glue your knobs on top of the lids

(I glued my letters to the jars but if you'd rather hang them from the ribbon that works great to!)

Hope this was helpful! Sorry for the lack of pictures!!

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