Hello to all of you readers, I don't wish to bore you with my whole life story so I'll just skip to the good 

 My name is Ashley porter and I became Ashley Hughes on October 25th 2011. I married my high school sweetie, Thomas Hughes! We dated for 6 years before tying the knot and if you too live in Utah, you will think we are crazy for waiting so long!

 That wasn't the original plan, we were actually scheduled to be married November 3rd 2010 but decided to call it quits one day before our wedding. I know, pretty hard to believe we ended up back together after that but good news! WE DID!! 

 I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! We became parents on April fools day of this year (no joke) to TWINS (no joke again)! Our little boys are the best thing to have ever happened to us! While my life has had many unexpected turns, I am ever so happy with where I am today. 

Dating years

Our wedding photos

My HUGE belly 10 days before delivery

Our twins birth
  Me with Cohen, Simon was in the NICU the whole hospital stay
(Dont judge, I had every type of sickness you could think of and just completed a C-section 1 hour before this picture was taken! hah)

(Home with the babies!)

Our Temple sealing

More recent photos..

To see more pictures of our twins, visit my "twins" page!

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