Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 2: "SpOoKy" block letters

This is one of my most favorite Halloween decorations for a few reasons. One is because I just love the different colors and how sparkly it is! I also love the whimsical look it has, but my most favorite reason is because my grandpa helped me cut out these letters! He was by far the craftiest man I ever knew when it came to cutting wood. He passed away a few years ago so I love having a decoration up that reminds me of him!

Now, I understand not everyone has someone in their life that can cut wood the way my grandpa could, but last time I was at quilted bear I saw a booth FULL of these wooden letters! They were all different sizes and just plain wood so you can paint them however you'd like!

The first thing I did was paint them black. (everywhere but the fronts obviously) 
Do at least two coats of the black to make sure it's covered!

Once it's dried, begin painting the fronts. Do one coat and let it dry. 
When you apply the second coat, immediately dump glitter all over it! You want to do this while it's still wet!

Letters: "spooky" (every other letter is large then small)
Three colors of craft paint: (I chose bright orange, dark purple, bright green)
Large glitter: large size bottle and the largest size glitter you can find!

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