Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 13: Halloween Family Night

Our annual Halloween family night has been a tradition since the year my oldest brother was born! It's been the favorite family night, no matter what age! 
We usually invite some family, friends or neighbors to join in on the fun and this year we invited our new next door neighbors! (They probably thought we were weirdos after!)

(If you're wondering where this idea came from, my mom used to be in a little "moms" club where once a month they would all make up a family night and bring enough copies to share with everyone!)

(Babies ready for the night!)

We always start out with a Halloween story and the same one we've done the past 27 years- 
"5 little Ghosts" (such a cheesy/funny story!)
Me and my siblings used to FIGHT over who got to read this. Some years my mom had to let all 4 of us take turns because we would throw fits! Now everyone fights over who doesn't get to read it so it's been me the past 10 years ;)

(Simon's helping mommy with the story)

(My mom reading "The funny little pumpkin" story)

Next we all play "Boo Bingo!" Just the same as regular bingo but we've put little halloween images in the squares.

(Dog always begging for food!)

For dessert, we always make our "Ghost on Fire" cake! It's such a fun treat especially with kids!
(I'll be posting the instructions on this cake for tomorrows post!)

Now comes our favorite part- The Phantom!! My dad drew up this darling little phantom 27 years ago and we've used it every year sense! If you've never heard of the phantom, here's some instructions
(Type this up and make your own!)

(Homemade Spider Oreos - Instructions to be posted later/ And homemade Butterfingers! P.S.- Nothing makes me more mad then when someone doorbell ditches delicious treats without a name OR a recipe so I never know how to re-make their goodies! I always type up a recipe if I home-make something. Just a little tip!)

We always take 2 plates of goodies around to neighbors or friends, door bell ditch and run!! This is so much fun even as adults, something crazy always happens! Like one of our neighbors chasing us down the street! (Hey, free treats! Who cares who its from?! But he had to catch us!)
A few years ago my sister lost her shoe in the middle of a yard and never found it. Always such fun memories at our Halloween family night!

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  1. I LOVE your family! What a fun tradition. I remember getting that 'BOO' treat every year! I had no idea that your family started that. Love your blog cute girl! :)
    - Ashley