Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day 10: Fall Family Photos!

This has been one of my favorite traditions Thomas and I have done over the past 7 years! Every year when the leaves turn we have gone up with our own little camera and got pictures taken in the leaves! We always would bring one of our friends so we could of course get a bunch of pictures together and this year we asked my little brother and his girlfriend to snap some shots for us! I love love love the ones we got last night! They're obviously my favorite because we have two new additions to our photos! I haven't had many posts with my babes in them so i'm excited to share some pictures with you! My little men are days away from being 6 months old! It truly blows my mind to think they're halfway to being 1!! Anyway, enough of my rambling- here's some of my favorites!

Everyone's in red but me. I guess I didn't get the memo!

 Love this one of Cohen and daddy!

This one just makes me laugh! We are the LEAST serious couple you will
ever meet and this picture totally captures that!

Daddy making Cohen practice his ninja skills!

Excuse the creepy eyes.. My editing wouldn't recognize it as red eye so i'm 
stuck with these!

Mom wasn't ready..

 Simons turn!

Me and Simon

This is usually how it goes. Daddy carrying both of them!

Simon was really interested in eating his hands!

Daddy with Simon!

Look at that grin.. melts my heart!

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