Friday, August 17, 2012

Tissue Paper Flower

I have seen these cute little puffs at showers, parties, and displayed in bedrooms (both kids AND adults!) They are really perfect for any occasion! By looking at them I thought they looked extremely hard to make and probably took forever so I really thought I would never attempt it! I was really surprised when I made one and it took about 3 minutes and only cost $1! Definitely worth the investment! ;)

Get a pack of tissue paper or if you have some at home, make sure you have between 4-6 full pieces.
Then you'll cut them in half!
Start folding like an accordion!

 Once folded all the way, you'll want to wrap it with something to keep it together. I used a tiny little white wire I found at Wal-Mart over where the fake flowers are. (they come in a pack of like 50) But you can use ribbon or really whatever for this part! Next you'll cut the edges off. I made mine round but again, you can shape them however you want!
Pull the two sides apart
And then start pulling each individual piece apart until its finished!


(I'm throwing a little boys birthday party this weekend all for Under $25! I made a few of these for it!
 if you want to see how inexpensive yet fun you can throw a party for, check back on Monday!)

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