Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Table Setting!

This might be a lame post but I know a lot of people who are clueless when it comes to setting the table! They don't know where to start or what looks good with what
so hopefully this will help SOMEONE! 
Since I was about 10, it was always my duty to set the table for our Sunday dinners! I think my mom giving me that chore is what got me into decorating. I could never just lay some plates, cups and utensils on a table and call it good, I always had to deck it out! So since I can remember, I would scrounge things up from around the house and make a whole new setting every Sunday! I took some pictures of examples of how I get a setting together!

I first start out with something I'm going to want as my centerpiece. Today I chose this flower arrangement I made a few years ago. (I used to make and sell flower arrangements in quilted bear so I have a plethora of them!) Once you pick a centerpiece, you're going to want to match everything else to it! That's how I decided what table cloth, plates, cups etc. to use! Never start with anything else because you'll end up changing it 100 times, trust me! 

Now comes the setting up! Obviously put your table cloth down and
 any runners or place mats you'll be using!

 Next you'll put your plates, utensils, cups and napkins on!

And then you'll set up your centerpiece! I used candles I had above my TV, a flower arrangement in the guest room and greenery that hangs on my grandfather clock. Seriously, just use anything you can find!
Side view

Close up!

Heres an easy tutorial of how to do these napkins. I fold them like this every single time so i'm in serious need of learning a new way!

1.Fold a square napkin in half and then in half again.
2.Stick a ring on the corner and pull through!
Easy Easy!

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