Friday, August 31, 2012

Cheap Date Nights!

My husband and I have made a promise with each other to go on a date (just the two of us) once a week. Although it is extremely hard for us to leave our little guys, its important to be alone with your spouse and relight the flame that brought you together in the first place!
We used to only go to a movie on our date night, or sometimes dinner and a movie which would end up costing around $60 and we would come home from the date without hardly saying a word to each other! 

We've been trying to save money so I thought date night was somewhere we could cut costs.
We now have a monthly date night budget of $80 ($20 per date) and believe it or not, this has made our date nights so much more fun!! We usually think of at least one idea to do for the night, then just wing the rest!

Last week we decided to go down to City Creek Mall. On the way down, we stopped at In & Out Burger for dinner. (Something cheap, but also a place we hardly ever go!) Then on the way to the mall there was a detour so we ended up on some random street we had never been on! There was the cutest little ice cream shop in a darling neighborhood so we both got a cone and went for a walk!

 We walked around the mall and watched the fountain show.

And then walked around Temple Square!

This was such a fun, simple yet unforgettable date and we still had $5 to spare!

Here's 10 ideas of free/cheap dates we've done and had so much fun!!

 Hike up waterfall canyon
Feed ducks
Get fast food, have a picnic and play a card game
Volunteer at St. Anne's
Go "Dream House" hunting
Eat dinner on the pass (or anywhere with a great view!)
Walk around Ogden Parkway then eat at Slackwater
Watch a movie outside on a projector (We do this at my moms school all the time!)
Comedy club
Drive in

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