Thursday, August 16, 2012

Knobs for Necklaces!

Totally stole this idea off Pinterest and I loovvve it! Such a cute way to organize!
There's not much instruction to this so it's gonna be short! 

Bought a piece of wood at the craft store, painted it white and then I dabbed a foam brush in gray paint and slightly went over it to make it look a little more rough!

Next you'll drill some holes! (that's where my husband came in handy, I don't have a clue how to use tools!)

Screw in your knobs and you've got yourself a cute little necklace holder!

Items Used:
Piece of wood: $1.99 @ Hobby Lobby
Knobs: $2.99 each @ Hobby Lobby (they were 1/2 off so I really only paid $1.50 for each!)
White Craft Paint: $0.89 @ Hobby Lobby
Gray Craft Paint: $0.89 @ Hobby Lobby

TOTAL: $11.27

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