Monday, August 20, 2012

Party under $25!!

This is probably going to be one of my favorite things to blog about because there's nothing I love more then throwing a party! Especially when I get a challenge of only spending $25! But as you can see, it CAN BE DONE!! And it can be done without anyone being able to see where you cut costs!

The first way I cut costs, was I made everything! And most of the decorations were made out of scrapbook paper which is super cheap! Buying these same decorations would have cost me at least triple what I spent! 
(The tissue paper flowers are really in right now and completely spruce up any party! 
Only costing $3 for all of them!)

Another way was by making only one area to display instead
of decking out an entire house! I always have gone all out when decorating for parties and 
usually end up spending easily over $100!

A more obvious way was by making my own cake and cupcakes- One thing I love to do!
Because as everyone knows, buying a cake alone will cost around $25!
If you have no idea about cake decorating, just google some ideas and you'll
easily find step by steps on how to make the cake you want!
(Googling things is how I learned how to make cakes!)
(Here's the birthday boy! He is so shy in front of the camera!)

(cupcakes with little airplanes!)
(Me with Gabe, this was the biggest smile I could get out of him!)

3 Tissue Paper Flowers: $3.00
#4 Sign: (canvas; $4.99- gray paint;$0.89)
Banners: $2.29
Plates and Cups: $5.08
Cupcakes: (Mix:$0.88 frosting: $3.76)
Cake: (Mix:$0.88 frosting: $1.88
Blue plastic bin:$1.00 (Dollar Tree)

TOTAL: 24.65

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