Sunday, August 26, 2012

Glitter Toes!

I've been a Nail Tech for about 5 years now but only learned the glitter toe technique about a year ago! It's so easy that I believe anyone can do it! It would be extremely beneficial to learn if you wear them all the time  to cut costs of paying to get them done professionally. Otherwise, there is a bit of an investment when starting out!

I chose to do a fall color since September is only days away and glitter toes stay on for a realllllly long time! I  mixed these two colors together in a little bowl to get my color
(Love how it turned out!)

The picture below is all the supplies you will need
Lamp: 25.99 @
Gel: $14.99 @ Sallys
Glitter: 2.99@ Michaels 
Primer: $5.99 @ Peerless
Gel Brush: $7.69 @ Sallys
Cuticle Pusher: $1.69 @ Sallys
Cuticle Oil: $3.49 @ Sallys
Rubbing Alcohol: $3.99 @ Sallys (in pink spray bottle)
Nail Files: $2.59 Each @ Peerless
Nail Brush (toothbrush): $1.00 @ Dollar Tree (pack of 6)
Piece of paper

I buy my glitter at Michaels! You get about 20 packs of different colors for super cheap! One little nail tech tip i'm sure you didn't know about!


1.Remove any polish on your nails. Clip them to desired length and push cuticles back. Using a file, rough up your nail bed so you don't have any shine. Use the brush (toothbrush) to get all the dust off. 
(Don't judge my bruised nail!)

2. Apply primer. Once dried, apply a second coat of primer. This drys out the nail bed which prevents bacteria from growing and helps the artificial nail stick to your real nail!

3. Now you'll apply the gel! Gel is a really weird texture, comparable to honey, and it takes some getting used to! I've only used acrylic so it was really tricky for me! Remember, a little goes a long way! I always start out with a little ball of gel and put it directly on the center of my nail bed. Then I work it to the outer part of the nail. You want this to be a very thin layer because you're about to dump glitter on it and then add another layer of gel! So think THIN! Also, Gel only cures with a lamp so once you have all five toes done, flatten your foot out completely and let the gel work itself smooth. I did this a lot as a beginner and it helped so much! DO NOT have your gel lamp on unless you're using it! It can cure it while you're in the process of putting it on so be careful! (If you put to much on and its getting on your cuticles, use the other end of your brush to dig it out. Then spray alcohol on the end of the brush to get the gel off! If you get gel on your hands or anything else, just use the alcohol to wipe it off! Water does not work!)
(This is how much I use for the 4 small toes)

(This is how much I use for my big toe! Sorry I should have zoomed in. Its basically the whole brush.)

(Starting in the center, and smooth it out to the sides.)

(All the toes have gel!)

4. Next, get your piece of paper and stick it under your foot. Dump glitter on your freshly gel'd toes! 

It will look like a lot. but you need to make sure you got all your nail covered!

After you dump it on, shake your foot a little and get off any excess glitter! (like below)
This picture below is what your toes will look like when they are ready to go under the light!
(Now, fold the paper and dump the glitter it back into your glitter container to re-use!)

5. Cook your toes! Stick them in the lamp for 2-3 minutes!

6. Take your toes out and brush off any excess glitter over a rag.

7. Now you'll do your second coat of gel. This one is trickier because its hard to see if you've covered your entire nail. A little trick I do is move my toes around at different angles to make sure the entire nail is shiny. Apply gel to all five toes and then stick it in the lamp!
(moving my toe around to check for any dull spots)

8. Cook toes again! 2-3 minutes. Once you've pulled them out, DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!

9. Spray alcohol on them and wipe off with towel. This step is very important! Gel does not cure until alcohol has been on them!
(Spraying alcohol on toes)

(Wiping off)

10. Apply cuticle oil!

11. FINISHED! The best part is there is no drying time since there is no need for a polish top coat!

Don't do this around babies, even if they're sleeping! One of my little twinners had a reflex while asleep and knocked over my entire container of glitter!

(He was glittery the rest of the day) 

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