Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Valentines Day Ideas!

Do not be fooled! These are NOT chocolates! They're cute little cupcakes inside of a chocolate box! I made these for my husband last valentines day and they were a huge hit! (For everyone that saw them on Facebook as well!) It's really simple so I wont go into a lot of detail, all you need is everything you see here in the photo. The "chocolates" are actually chocolate dipped marshmallows. The cupcakes are the mini ones not regular sized. The hardest part is getting chocolate on the marshmallows. Use "Wilton  light chocolate" pieces you will find in the baking section. First cut the marshmallows in half. If they will be displayed facing up, cut them in half horizontally. If they will be facing sideways, cut them in half that way. I dipped mine with my fingers and set in the fridge for a bit! If you have more questions feel free to ask!

Hot Chocolate with a heart stamped out of it!

Fancy Sugar Cookies

"I Love You More Than..." Sugar Cookies

Darling "Cherry" Suckers!

Instead of frosting the chocolate cupcakes, cut hearts out of each one and pipe pink frosting into the center! Afterwards sprinkle powdered sugar on top and serve with pink milk!

Lots of ideas here!

Pink heart shaped sugar cookies! Pipe some dabs of frosting down to get the strawberries or raspberries to stick, then pipe frosting in between all the crevices and along the tops of them. Then set the top sugar cookie on top!

Cute door decor!

Fancy Sugar Cookies!

Lots of darling ideas!

"Countdown To Kisses" board! Poke holes and stick Hershey's kisses through!

Cupcake Shaped Sugar Cookies!

Cute Mantel Idea!

Rose Cupcake with Pearl Sprinkles!

Cute Cupcakes!

Mini Cupcakes! Stick a toothpick through and then glue on ends!

Cute Tags!


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  3. You Have a fabou Blog and me and my sisters and friends really enjoyed these crafts we made so much my mom dad and my friend toook some and gave to their friends!

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