Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentines Day Decorating / Tutorials

I absolutely love Valentines Day, a day to celebrate with the person you love and make each other feel special! I am extra excited this year because I have 2 more little loves I get to spoil! I don't think i've ever really decorated for Valentines Day and I got to thinking last night, why the heck haven't I?! So I went out on a quest today with a $20 bill and some ideas in my head and this is what I came up with!

Tissue paper balls
Love everything about these. They can fill up a large space and only cost cents to make! To get the tutorial on how to make these go (HERE)

x0x0 Frames
I have a zillion frames that are sitting in storage so I thought I would put them to use! I bought 4 sheets of Valentine paper and printed large x's and 0's on each one!

Valentine print
Go (HERE) to print off your very own copy!

Heart garland
These are just so dang cute and easy! They took me a little longer to do because my right hand is broken and that made it hard to use scissors! ;) Go (HERE) for a tutorial! 
(the only difference here is I strung them through the sides not through the top/bottoms!)

Candy filled baby jars 
Using some of the million baby food jars I have, I filled them with Valentine candy and topped them with small tissue paper flowers!

Hope these gave you some ideas!

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