Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My 24th Birthday!

I wanted to spend my 24th birthday a little different this year. With all the sadness thats going on in the world (especially right now on the news) I wanted to spread a little cheer and hopefully try to make at least one person have a brighter day. So we packed the twinners in the car and headed out on a long day of doing a random act of kindness for every year I've been alive- 24! We saw some very thankful people which totally made our day! Nothing makes you feel better then feeling like you may have helped someone! We took some pictures of our adventures but thought it a bit inappropriate to shove a camera in someones face we were helping. I hope this will inspire ONE person to do something for someone this holiday season. You never know whose day you might make and you never know who will pay it forward. I have no idea of what I did on my last birthday but I can tell you this one will never be forgotten! :)

1.-2. Gave the nicest homeless man a happy meal and some money. He blew us a thousand kisses as we drove away! (This one counted as 2 acts because we were going to give a $ to someone else but thought he needed it most!)

3. Left a treat for our mailman with a thank you note!

4. Bought a gift card at a restaurant, found a family inside that was eating, set it down on their table and walked out

5. Fed parking meteres 

6.-7. Made treats for a new neighbor and a recently widowed lady in our neighborhood

8. paid for the car behind us at the drive thru

9. Left a bunch of $1 in children's books at the library and set them on top of desks so they will for sure be seen!

10. Left some quarters on a vending machine

11. Filled a vending machine with a few dollars

12. Dropped a bunch of quarters in the playland at McDonalds (As we were leaving we heard kids excitedly shouting as they collected their found treasure!)

13.-14. Handed out hot chocolate to two random cold looking bystanders

15. Fed some duckies!

16. Handed out roses at the hospital

17. Handed out balloons to little kids shopping with their parents

18. Took all the shopping carts back into the store

19. Bought a gift card at a grocery store, turned around and gave it to the woman in line behind us. (This was by far the best response we had all day! She was so grateful)

20. Left a generous tip in the salvation army bucket!

21. paid for 3 cars at the toll booth and gave the worker hot chocolate

22. Left some quarters at a laundry mat

23. Made some treats for our bishop (who's birthday was also today!)

24. Left our waitress a tip larger then our meal


  1. This sounds like the funnest thing to do! I will definately be doing something like this for my birthday. Thank you for the awesome idea. And I you blessed many people. It is good to see in a world like this there are still really great people out there like you. Favorite blog post ever :). Stealing this idea.


  2. Thank you soo much!! :) And you will have SO much fun doing it!

  3. I just want to say that you are amazing! I just came across your blog through pinterest and I absolutely love it!

  4. I'm crying! I swear!! thank you for sharing this with us!! Its very rare to find people like you. God bless you and your beautiful family too :) (sorry for my English not my first language :P )

  5. I LOVE this! What a great way to spend a birthday :) Thanks so much for sharing! (and I'm a twin too!)

  6. You don't know how many people including myself have negative things to say about homeless people or other people we see on the streets, and you have changed the thoughts and feelings Ihave in me about the people out in the world. I am thankful to say thank you. Your a blessing in disgue ( I think that is how you spell it lol). Your blessings will come in more than many ways than you think. Your kids are lucky to have parents like you guys. Have A Bless Day!!! - Cassondra

  7. I too am turning 24 this year. I've always felt like, I would not make it past 23. Well, it seems that God has his own plans for me. After browsing the internet deciding what to do for my birthday, I ran across your page. I believe the best way for me to celebrate my B-Day this year is to give back to 24 people. Thank you so much for this inspiration.

  8. INCREDIBLE!!! No other words to describe this :)

  9. Wow im going to do something like this for sure!