Friday, January 4, 2013

New Beggining

I once heard the quote "Life happens once you step outside your comfort zone." This really got me thinking what exactly my comfort zone was. I decided it was being home in some comfy pajamas, playing on the floor with my baby twins, watching movies, eating treats (chocolate, ice cream, chips, popcorn, you name it!) and basically not getting up and doing much of anything the entire day. Stepping outside of my comfort zone would be to never have a lazy day again! No more snacking all hours of the day on fattening treats, lounging around in my pj's and sitting on the couch for hours watching tv. It would be waking up early when I didn't get as much sleep as I hoped so I can get a good workout in, making sure to eat CLEAN healthy meals every 2-3 hours, drinking more water then seems physically possible. And the biggest step outside of my comfort zone would be to share my journey with other people. Showing unflattering photos of what my body once was is not the easiest thing to do! It's pretty embarrassing actually, but I am so grateful for other people who do it so I felt obligated to share how worth it it really is to step outside of your comfort zone, whatever it is! 

The difference between THIS time, and all my other times i've started a diet/workout regimen, was this time I went in with the mindset that if I truly wanted to lose the extra weight this had to be a LIFETIME change. Not just a week or a month or a few months, but forever. The other times I had started a diet I would go to the store and look at all the food I "couldn't" eat. I would constantly think "oooh I can't WAIT until this stupid diet is over! I'm gonna eat that whole tub of ice cream once it is!" A mindset like that will not get you results. And if it does, it wont be long term. After one week of eating clean I went for my first time to the grocery store. Never once did I look at treats and yummy goodies like I couldn't have them, (And trust me when I say the shelves were STOCKED in goodies- It usually is at Christmas time) but when I saw something that looked quite appetizing I instead realized that this was a choice I made. I can eat whatever I want! No one is telling me what I can and cant eat. I'm the one that chose to eat clean. When thinking this way, It didn't seem so appealing anymore. I would rather have a great body any day of the week.
December  4th                          January 4th

My 1 month fitness journey!! I am NO WHERE CLOSE to being finished! I wanted to post these before I reach my goal so you can join me on my fitness journey. Lets do this together!! Im not giving up! I started eating clean at what I would consider the hardest time of year, DECEMBER! with my Birthday/Christmas goodies etc! It is hard sometimes, but the results make the sacrifices not seem like sacrifices at all. If your going through a fitness journey too, please comment, I want to hear your story and see your success! Nothing else motivates me more then others success stories! If it wasn't for them, I would never have found the strength to keep going! I will continue to post progress pictures any time I see changes, so keep your eye out! :)

(To get my workout/diet regimen go (HERE))


  1. Thanks for posting! I can really tell a difference in your photos! Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  2. I've been on the fence, like I know I need to get back to the good stuff but haven't had the desire! But you inspired me! I'm doing it! Gotta have the energy to chase my boy!!! Thank you! Your doing great!

  3. You look amazing! Your blog is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. You're looking so good! I too am on the same path as you...only I took a break for about 2 weeks around Christmas/New Year's. I'm now back on track and doing a 7 day cleanse that is free from added sugar, sodium, and only complex carbs in the morning. The rest is lean protein, veggies, and my new friend...nuts. MMMmmm!!! I've eaten them before, but LOVE them as a crunchy munchy when veggies just don't cut it. I've even made my own peanut butter to dip apples into. LOVE! I've found that I'm missing and craving my rice/potato with dinner and sodium way more than I miss any sweet treats I was eating. Crazy! Anyhow...we should chat more since it's easier with supporters and people trying to do the same things.

    Since you'd like to hear stories, here is mine:
    I always seem to bounce back to my pre prego weight within a few months after I stop breast feeding (for some reason, I don't lose weight while I nurse. Weird huh?!?). I don't change my eating habbits much besides having a slim fast for breakfast and for part of my lunch. After my 3rd, I just didn't feel like it. I kept eating more and more junk. It's bad when your kids ask "What's for dessert?" not "What's for dinner?" It all came down to the day I polished off a cookie sheet of twix bars all by myself (1 lb. butter + loads of sugar and other stuff). UGH!!! It made me feel sick and realize things had to change. I decided that if I wanted to accelerate my weight loss, I ought to add some exercise to the mix...and I am getting older so it's getting harder to bounce back. I finally broke down and started a 12 week running program that would have me running 20 minutes continuously. I ended up hitting 20 minutes by week 6 and 30 minutes by week 7! It was amazing! But it was seriously hard the first few weeks. I had NEVER been a runner before. I finally hit about 3-4 miles when I got hooked up with the mapmyrun app so I could actually see how fast/far I was running. Then my neighbor, who was training for a half marathon, heard I was running and asked if I wanted to do a long run with her. It was 7 miles. Double what I've ever run. I told her I'd go, but probably have to walk halfway home. Guess what??? I made it in 69 minutes and 54 seconds. SAY WHAT??? I went faster than my friend normally does. I was so surprised at what my body could do in a short 3 months that I knew I needed to sign up for a half marathon. I completed my first half marathon in October (6 months after I started running because the one my friend was training for was full, in August). Technically, it only took me 4 months from couch potato to train for a 1/2 marathon. I lost 29.4 lbs in 6 months. The first few months I just walked/ran. Starting in August, my body needed more, so I started weight training a little, and have hit it harder since November. I've gotten to the point that I WANT abs! I did before, but now I really want them. I've done a lot of research and it seems that the only way is to eat clean. I need help with that seeing as I'm SO picky and don't want to get burned out eating the same foods all the time. HELP!

  5. Hey Ash! Question, I have done a lot of research about eggs and them being a complete protein, but everything I've read says that you have to have the yolk AND the white (or at least 1 yolk with the whites) since they both have nutrients in them that work together to give you the complete protein. They can't do their job alone. Your thoughts???