Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Party ideas!

Reindeer Games Party!
-Watch Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer
-Have yummy treats inspired by the movie- North Pole cupcakes, reindeer cookies, etc.
-Play your favorite games!

Gingerbread House Party!
-Have everyone bring their own gingerbread house to decorate or have them prepared and ready to decorate!
-Go look at Christmas lights after!

Ugly Sweater Party!
-Everyone must wear an ugly sweater
-Have props there for cute pictures

Naughty or Nice Party!
-Naughty is the dessert table, Nice is the food table
-Watch a Christmas movie

Christmas Cookie Decorating Party!
-Bake a bunch of Christmas sugar cookies
- Have sprinkles, frosting and everything you need out and displayed for your guests
-Play Christmas music
-Watch a Christmas movie afterwards

White Elephant Party!
-Have everyone bring a funny/weird gift and have a gift exchange!
-play "Christmas pictionary"- write Christmas song titles on paper, put them in a bowl and separate into two teams.  One team draws a song title and has to draw it on a white board and their team has to guess which song it is!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Party!
-Go to a store and separate into groups, have everyone try to find the items on the list above.
 The first team finished wins a prize!

Christmas Cookie Exchange!
-Ask everyone you invite to bring their favorite cookies
-Watch a Christmas movie

Caroling Party!
-Get as many friends as possible to go caroling
-Afterwards go get some hot chocolate and look at lights

Snowman Building Contest!
-Go someplace where there's enough snow to make a few snowmen
-Get in teams of 2 and compete to build the most creative snowman
-Afterwards go somewhere to watch a Christmas movie and drink hot chocolate!

Cute Party displays!

Christmas Tree Decorating Party!
-Instead of gingerbread houses, get ice cream cones and decorate them into trees!
-Watch a Christmas movie

Grinch Party!
-Watch the Grinch
-Have everything there Green! (Including the milk!)
-Make "Grinch Cookies" and serve them- Recipe (HERE)
--play pin the heart on the Grinch!

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  1. Super adorable Christmas party ideas. I am so pleased to find these details here. I also would like to use these ideas for my son’s Xmas themed bash that I would be hosting on next weekend at the local Chicago event space.