Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Trees!!!

Christmas tree's are my FAVORITE things to decorate!! I'm a little obsessed with them. All the ones below are some of the ones I have done! If you need help decorating your tree, visit my Christmas tree tutorial (HERE) 

The ones listed below aren't mine, but I thought I'd still share because they were all so darling! 
This whole group is "Whimsical Trees"- I LOVE every single one of these! The secret to getting a tree to look like any one of these is to think BIG! Usually whimsical tree's don't have your ordinary ornaments on them. They use actual decorations or if they are ornaments they are over the top huge! Also, decorating the base of your tree can really make a huge difference as well! Something to think about :)


  1. So I just happened upon your blog and it is freaking cute! I love it. Following you :) Follow me back?


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  3. I would love to read your Christmas tree tutorial but it appears your link is broken. Would you be able to post a new link?