Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Neighborhood Gift Ideas

Here are a few ideas of really simple, cheap yet fun ways to let your neighbors know you're thinking about them this season! All of them are extremely simple to make and require little to no talent! ;)

Snowman Hot Chocolate

Cute way to gift some hot chocolate! Just get some mini jars, hot glue the lid to the bottom of each jar and put whatever kind of hot chocolate flavor and treats inside! To decorate just use a black and orange sharpie and the hat is made with black fabric!

Wrapping paper

Very inexpensive and still a thoughtful gift they could use!! The tag says "The best gift around a Christmas tree is the presence of family and friends all wrapped up in each other. Happy Holidays!"

Christmas Jar Book & Empty Jar

This is my FAVORITE Christmas book by far. I read it every year and it reminds you of whats really important this time of year- Service! I wont go into much detail because I want everyone to read this on their own, but the book starts out with a girl going through a really hard time at Christmas and one night when she comes home, there is a Christmas Jar filled with money sitting on her porch. The rest of the book is about her trying to find this person and learning of the reason behind it. Theres a huge twist in it which makes it even better ;)

We've made this a tradition every year to give a jar filled with money to someone we feel needs it the most and we do it without them knowing who it came from! 

However, the GIFT idea is to give a book along with an EMpTY decorated jar so they can start this tradition themselves! 

You can find the book for $2.99 at Seagull Book and a jar at any grocery store for cheap!

Inexpensive yet extremely thoughtful! You could start a lot of traditions with this one!

Homemade Snow Globe

Darling idea, I will for sure be doing this one! 
look at a tutorial on how to do it

Sugar Cookie Basket

All they have done is bought a large plastic measuring cup, filled it with sugar cookie mix, spatulas, measuring spoons and an oven mitt! Then wrapped it with rolled kitchen hand towels and instead of X's and O's, use Christmas cookie cutters!

(here's a less extravagant way with the same type of idea!)

"Soda-lighted you're my neighbor!"

Cute way to decorate some soda's!
Here's some printables!

Christmas Coasters

Darling way to turn Christmas scrapbook paper into a coaster using only $0.16 tile and some cork board!
Tutorial (HERE)

Christmas Goodies

All the girls in my family devote an entire day in the month of December to baking! You can make this a fun tradition with friends or family members and when all the baking is done, you'll deliver it!

Box of Muffins

Tag that says "You're gettin "MUFFIN" for Christmas!

Holiday Framed print!

print an 8X10 of this and buy a cheap frame at the dollar store to put it in!
printable (HERE)!

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