Sunday, November 11, 2012

Christmas Scrapbook Tradition!

My mom started the tradition of scrapbooking each Christmas the year she and my dad were married! And the year me and my husband were married, she got us one of those "pre-made" Christmas scrapbooks! I was so excited to start this tradition too! Each year I type up all the fun experiences, memories and events that went on that Holiday season and then fill it up with pictures! If you aren't a good scrapbooker (like me, they take way to long!) get a pre-made one like mine! Or you can always just get a plain red or green scrapbook and buy a pack of christmas paper and just stick some pictures on them. You don't have to be fancy!

(My first and only scrapbook)

 One of my favorite things to get out at Christmas is all the scrapbooks my mom has done over the years and reminisce through them :) this is something I knew I wanted to carry on, because its so much fun to look back and laugh at us as kids! 

(My moms collection)

Here are a few highlights from 20+ years ago..
(SO glad we have these!!)

(parents first Christmas tree!)

(Oldest brothers first Christmas)

(How cute is this? Oldest brother and sister-Josh & Josee)

(Here I am, 1 week old and already celebrating my first Christmas!)

(1991 Christmas Morning- Dad built this doll house, even took the time to wallpaper, carpet and instal hardwood floors to match our house!)

(Favorite toy ever!)

(Funny drawing.. Like my flying donkey and random flower?!)  ;)

(Moms decorations definitely improved over the years..)

(Every year Josh would be Santa!)

(Josh wrote this note and taped it to the kitchen bench in June. haha)

(Most laughed at note of them all! "To: Mom- From: Josh, Josee and Ashley- Raped it good and hard!- we believe he meant to say "wrapped"..)

Lets fast forward through all the awkward years and get to last year ;)

 (Family picture!)

(Finally getting the"bump")

(Christmas Morning)

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