Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mothers Day Flowers

WOW it has been forever since my last post! I've sure missed doing crafty things on this blog but I have been the busiest person the last few months! 

I know its probably too late for anyone to do this for mothers day, considering its in about 6 hours, but this could be a super fun DIY project for the summer! It's REALLY easy, and requires little money (my favorite part) yet it's so bright and bold and makes a huge statement for your yard!

My mom has the most gorgous backyard, but theres a corner thats lacking in cuteness... We originally had a shed in the back corner of the yard and ever since we tore it down, nothing seems to be able to grow back there. So I figured, if we put something in a planter (and not in the ground) it should do just fine! I knew one little planter wasn't going to do the trick, so me and my husband came up with this..

(see that, even new grass wont grow back there!)

Here's the supplies you will need:
4 medium pots: $0.97 each
1 small pot: $0.79 
1 large pot: $1.92
4 ft rebar: (3/8 thick) (lows) $2.50
Spray paint: $3.27 each
Flowers: $2.50 each (a little goes a long way, I had a ton extra)
Potting soil: $1.92 (this whole project used about 1/4 a bag)

This step may be skipped if your using ceramic pots. I sent my husband off to get the supplies and he came home with plastic pots (and I had ceramic pots in my mind.) However, either will work! These plastic ones definitely needed primer, but ceramic wouldn't!

The fun part! I'm a horrible spray-painter so I left this job to my husband. If you're doing this yourself, heres a tip from the master himself- "Stand as far away from whatever your spraying! Standing too close causes dripps and an uneven spray job!" ;) 

It looks like I skipped a few steps here but this whole next part is easier than it may look! First, hammer your rebar into the ground so its sturdy enough to hold all of these cute pots. Then using your large pot, fill it up with some dirt and arrange the flowers on the ouside only! The second pot should sit directly in the bottom pot but tilt it as much as you can. Once you put flowers on the tilted side, it stays a lot easier because of the weight! Leave the other side free of flowers (because the next pot will be sitting on top of that area.)
Keep doing these steps until you've finished! If you have more rebar hanging off the top, simply hammer it into the ground more! 
Also, if your pots dont have holes or your holes are too small, just drill them more! My husband had to drill holes in every single one because none off these plastic ones had holes. (Ceramic ones do, so i'm telling you if you can get ceramic, DO IT! It will save some time!)

Here's the end result again..


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