Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Firecracker Funnel Cake

This is such a fun patriotic cake to serve as a yummy dessert on the 4th or Memorial day! The best part about this cake though, is the flavor!! This entire cake got eaten within 20 minutes (and between 3 people who aren't cake lovers!) So i'm telling you, if you want to surprise your guests with something truly delicious, this is the cake!!

(to see the recipe for the layered drink, go HERE)

1 box Pillsburry white cake mix (or use your favorite)
-Mix as directed

Frosting Recipe
(Sugar Cookie Recipe) ;)
1/4 C Margarine
4 C. Powdered sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla
2 Egg Whites
1/4 tsp. Cream of Tarter
(food coloring I used was Wilton- no taste red and Wilton- sky blue)

Step 1:
 Seperate batter into 3 bowls, add in food coloring. 
(blue is wilton sky blue)

Step 2:
 Spray pan and layer the batter

 Leave the blue like this, don't spread it over the top!

After it's been cooked

Step 3: 
Seperate frosting into 3 bowls, add food coloring 

 Step 4: 
Add 1 tsp water to each frosting. Mix with spoon. Continue adding 1 tsp water until your frosting has this consistency. (Runny enough to drip on cake, but not too runny!)

Step 5:
Using your spoon, drip from side to side all over the cake. This is supposed to have a messy look so no need for perfection here! Add sprinkles to the top and your done! :)

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