Wednesday, February 27, 2013

St. Patricks Day Ideas!

St. patricks day jar! Chocolate coins on the bottom, skittles in the middle and marshmallow clouds on top!

Cute thing to make for your kids or friends!

Leprechaun hat s'mores Recipe (HERE)

Shamrock rice crispy treats using heart cookie cutter!

Shamrock pretzels with green m&m's

Using the original rice crispy recipe, substitute the rice crispy's for Lucky Charms!

Shamrock Cupcakes- By placing three marbles like so!

Simply add green food coloring to your water you cook your noodles in- Ta Da!!

Get a small clear plastic cup and fill with green m&m's or skittles, frost a green sugar cookie and place the cookie upside down on top of the cup. Turn around and decorate into a leprechaun hat!

Shamrock chips! 

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