Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 15: Halloween Decorations!

 Decorating my home is my favorite part of any holiday and gets me feeling festive! I'm the first to admit I do it a little early (Usually mid September) but I love that fall feeling and want to be around it as long as possible! 
I'm not giving any instruction on how to decorate because that depends on your personal style, but I have learned a few tricks when it comes to filling in that "awkward" spot and that is using garland! 
Most people think its only ok to use garland at Christmas time, but I use it for just about every holiday! 
Go get some green garland, wrap some orange lights and fall leaf garland around it and that alone will give you some beautiful fall decor!

Here's some examples of where I used garland

(I love having a table setting during the holidays and I always have this up!)

As you can see, basically every space had garland!

For the past 10 years I've decorated my parents house for every holiday, and since I have such a small amount of space to decorate I thought I'd show you some of the decorations I do at their house!

My favorite little trees! Remember, you can always dress up tree's for holidays besides Christmas to!

Dining room table setting

Little nook area!

My favorite part of the house! I LOVE this brick fireplace! And Halloween decorations are my favorite on it! I love the "Pumpkins" sign you can hardly see because it blends in so well with the brick. This little area just makes me feel so Halloweeny!

So! If you've decorated already but you still think somethings missing.. Fill it in with some garland! Orange lights also make a huge difference with decorating. I'll never go without!
Tree's make a great addition and you can see where I've used them through out the house to fill in areas! Even in my house, I've used mini tree's and stuck leaves and pumpkins in! Hope this helps!!

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